How far were Alexander II's reforms due to the Crimean War? (Depth Study 1)

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  • How far were Alex II's reforms due to the Crimean War?
    • Casual Link:
      • The war revealed the weakness of the Russian military
        • recruited serfs who were poorly trained, and way behind the French and British troops
        • Aristocracy controlled the army = revolts were common
        • Lack of industry meant there  was a lack of equipment
    • Other Factors:
      • political pressure to abolish serfdom because slavery was bad
      • growing peasant unrest since 1770s
      • demands from politicians and entrepreneurs for a larger workforce for industry and railway projects
      • population growth put pressure on farming which caused many famines
    • Therefore, the Crimean War was only one cause for his reforms
    • Military reforms
      • Modernisation of the army: universal conscription and shorter periods of service
        • Made the army cheaper and more efficient
      • New training regimes were held back by lack of education in the ranks
      • Barely beat Turkey in 1877, and lost to Japan in 1904-5


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