Rights and civil liberties issue 2: How far should our responsibilities to the state go?

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  • How far should our responsibilities to the state go?
    • Clear citizens' responsibilities
      • Obey laws
      • Pay taxes
      • Undertake jury service when required
      • Citizens have a responsibility to care for their children
    • Disputed citizens' responsibilities
      • Serve in armed forces when country is under attack
      • Vote in elections and referendums
      • Respect rights of all other citizens
      • Respect dominant values of society
    • Individual rights and their conflicting collective rights
      • Freedom of expression
        • Rights of religious groups not to have beliefs satirised or questioned
      • Right to privacy
        • Right of the community to be protected from terrorism by security services that may listen in to private communications
      • Right to press freedom
        • Right of public figures to keep their private lives private
      • Right to demonstrate in public places and thus cause disruption
        • Right of the community to their own freedom of movement
      • Right to strike in pursuit of pay and employment rights
        • Right of the community to expect good service from public servants who are paid from taxation


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