how far Lenin had achieved his aims by 1924.

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  • How far had Lenin achieved his aims by 1924. (25 marks).
    • To create a socialist economy; end private ownership/trade and replace it with state control.
      • No
        • NEP
      • Yes
        • War Communism
          • Nationalisation of all industry and Foreign trade
            • Marxist theory  against private ownership
          • Private trade and manufacture banned
            • Marxist theory  against private ownership
          • However...
            • War communism's goal not to do with the economy
              • Was the Bolsheviks political response to the urban food crisis
                • During the first 6 months of the Bolshevik regime 1 million workers left the big industrial cities and moved to the countryside
                  • To live closer to food supplies
          • In 1920, money replaced by universal rationing
            • Left though this would be the end of the capitalism system
              • As in communism there is nothing to buy with money so it would be worthless
                • And because there was no money to buy anything with the capitalist economy would collapse
        • State Capittalism
          • Marxist theory said socialism could only develop properly in a industrialised society
            • So Lenin made some modifications to the capitalist system
              • Untitled
    • Secure Bolshevik power and create a one party state.
      • Yes
        • Civil War
          • Bolsheviks had beaten all the opposition to them
            • So no competition
        • Red Terror
          • Left SR's tried to assassinate Lenin
            • So the Cheka rounded up the remaining SR's, Mensheviks, anarchists and anyone else considered an enemy
      • No
        • Foreign Intervention
        • Internationally
    • To spread revolution
      • No
        • Russo-Polish War
        • Spartacist Uprising
      • Yes
        • Comintern


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