How far do the events and the use of language in chapter 1 & 2 foreshadow later events?

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  • How far do the events + the use of language in chapters 1 + 2 foreshadow later events
    • Chapter 2
      • "I would account to myself for the birth of that passion, which afterwards ruled my destiny I find it arise, like a mountain river, from ignoble and almost forgotten sources"
        • Similie
          • Distancing himself from any responsibility
            • Detached himself from his action
      • Can see his scholarly endeavours which foreshadows his eventual ruin
      • Shelley hints that Victor uses his knowledge from the science books + of electricity to create his monster
        • Shelley makes Victors interest in these topics very clear, so that the reader can deduce that he will use this knowledge in his creation
      • Last words: "terrible destruction" foreshadows the final and voerall conclusion of the novel and frankenstein life
    • Chapter 1
      • Beaufort
        • Beaufort's ruin is itself connected to his reflection to cut himself of his friends + live in isolation
      • Theme of family has the reader believe that Victor will follow in the path of his heavily father influence in his own monster
        • Serves as an opposition when he abandons the monster- foreshadows the contrast
      • Language of benevolence used frequently
      • Shelley suggests that human connection + love is dependent upon one's willingness to care for another person particularly if they're defenseless/ innocent
        • Foreshadows what the monster wants and needs
    • Foreshadows the destruction he & his monster create
      • "my alter tale of misery"
      • "decreed my utter and terrible destruction"
    • Isolated as a child
      • Isolates himself from his family when making the monster
      • Doesn't feel like he can tell anyone about his monster
    • Detatchment
      • "Swept away all my hope and joys"- foreshadows Frankenstein slowly distaining himslef away from family/friends/ care and himself due to his creation


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