How far did society stay the same after William I?

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  • How far did society stay the same under William I?
    • became king of England because he won the Battle of Hastings in 1066
    • took control of England by making a stronger and more centralised approach to crime and punishment.
      • made decisions about how to deal with the rebellions and that showed how his power had no limits
    • carried out the Hanging of the North to show people his power and make sure that people didn't commit particular crimes like that again
      • The impact of this was that people were famished and starved - effective deterrent
    • Castles were important to him because they kept a careful watch on communities.
      • looked intimidating to remind those who lived outside of their place in society.
    • Murdrum laws
      • If a Norman was murdered by an Anglo- Saxon and the murderer was not caught, there was a special penalty.
        • large sum of money, paid by the hundred where the body was found.
          • stop the increase of murders after the Norman invasion.


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