Red Guard's effectiveness during the Cultural Revolution

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  • How effective were the Red Guards at carrying out the Cultural Revolution?
    • Successes
      • Mass rallies made the young people feel like they were part of the revolution.
      • It was a chance for young people to get back at Cadres
      • young people were allowed to attack culture and class enemies which was good for Communism.
      • Millions of young people were ready to fight. I.e. carry on the revolution.
      • Allowed young people to see more of China. 'revolutionary tourism'.
      • Allowed Mao to boost his cult of personality.
    • Failures
      • Sometime people only joined the Red Guards for better job opportunities.
      • When religion was attacked, it caused people to lose faith with Communism
      • China's culture was attacked. 1000's of years of antiques and culture was wiped out.
      • People forced to make confessions to things they hadn't done.
      • Millions were killed during the CV period.
      • Economy was wrecked as factories ground to a halt.


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