Conscientious Objectors

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  • How does treatment of conscientous objectors differ between 2 wars
    • Conscription
      • Conscription law that forced all men who were fit and healthy to fight in war. Anyone who refused to fight was a criminal. Conscientous objectors had to make objections known
    • Attitudes to objectors
      • Treatment by the authorites was very contrasted between two wars. Shows how people in authority changed their attitudes. However treatment from general public was fairly similar. Probably due to their own families making great sacrifices and that others should too.
    • Attitudes of authorities
      • ww1
        • 16 000 objected
        • Military tribunals were held to see if objections were genuine
        • Only 400 given exemption
        • Abolutionists were arrested given brutal labour and treatment
      • WW2
        • 59 000 men and women objected
        • Tribunals minus military judged genuinity
        • Untitled
          • 12204 given exemption
        • A far smaller percentage of those not given exemption were sent to prison


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