How does Priestly show the difference in attitudes between the generations in An Inspector Calls?

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  • How does Priestly show the different attitudes between the generations in An Inspector Calls?
    • Older
      • Mr Birling "A man has to make his own way - has too look after himself
        • "himself" - This shows that he his extremely selfish and has no consideration for other.
        • Controversial as he is Mayor and he has a responsibility for everyone yet he says this.
        • This shows that Priestly hated the capitalist points of view as to why he chose the older generations to portray the roles.
          • This makes the audience dislike Mr and Mrs Birling and Gerald for there controversial capitalist views.
    • Younger
      • Eric "Why shouldn't they try for higher wages?"
        • "try" suggests an attempt at doing something but was not successful.
        • He is referring to lower class people, so he is showing a class divide.
        • Enquiry - he is asking questions so this is showing that the younger generation are changing.
    • Gerald is an unusual character as he is apart of the younger generation but has the opinions of the older generation.
      • "sorry- I - well, I've suddenly realised - taken in properly - that she is dead."
        • Pauses in speech to show genuine emotion.
        • The adverb "suddenly" shows that he is shocked. This shows that he has a guilty conscious as he is thinking about the consequence of his actions.
        • This could change the the audiences opinion on Gerald as he has realised what he has done is wrong.
          • But he still has the opinions of the older generation.
      • "everything's all right Sheila. How about this ring?"
        • He goes back to his old ways - makes the audience dislike him again.
        • Acting like it never happened. This Sheila will take him back after hearing about his affair.
        • "everything's all right" - this shows that he doesn't think about girls - she's not alright but it's fine for him as it was all fake..


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