How digital communication affects social networks in employment.

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  • How does DC affect the way that people create and maintain social networks in employment
    • Network Sociery, Castells (2000) offers from a Marxist view point that networks are not a new form of social organisation, however they have become a central characteristic of society. Society remains capitalist but there has been a shift of focus from oil and gas to important information. Power is now in the hands of networks as it allows for the decentralisation of contro, increasing the effectiveness of networks and hierarchical structures..
      • The people at the bottom of society have nothing to offer the network (labourers/factory workers). Therefore, they have very poor social mobility with minimum ability to develop their skills.
    • Improved DC has allowed people to increase their social capital.
      • Having greater relationships & connections with people and groups at a global level leading to material rewards. E.g. greater employability or hierarchical status.
    • People rely on the internet for creating and maintaining work based relationships, as well as finding and applying for jobs.


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