The 3 Marks impact on Buddhist ways of life

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  • How do the beliefs in the 3 Marks impact on Buddhist ways of life?
    • Negative impacts.
      • Pessimistic / nihilistic / depressing outlook.
        • Dukkha, annica, anatta.
      • May avoid relationships to avoid attachments.
        • Too much focus on oneself.
      • Hard to understand each individual concept.
      • Can we ever avoid attachment without becoming totally insular and isolated.
        • Too much focus on oneself.
    • Positive impacts.
      • Motivation to help others / compassion / metta.
      • Determination to work towards nibbana and escape the cycle of samsara and dukkha.
      • Encourage meditation (to fully realise the truths and no-self)
      • Seek refuge In 3 jewels,
      • Realistic.
      • Help to cope with situations and changes,
      • Hope of nibbana and birth into higher realms.
      • Commitment to the dharma,
      • Helps avoid materialism,
      • Mandalas.
      • Shaven heads.
        • Mandalas.


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