How did World War One contribute to the Tsar's downfall?

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  • How did World War One contribute to the Tsar's downfall?
    • Impact on the army
      • Battle on Tannenburg left 300,000 dead or wounded
      • Not enough weapons for soldiers
      • Soldiers lacking basic warm clothing
      • By the end of 1916, there was 1.5 million desertions
      • Experienced troops died in the early stages of the war
      • Leaders were loyal to the Tsar and so were poor,
        • Little to no experience of fighting
    • Impact on the home front
      • Grain was unable to be moved
      • There was a loss of land in Poland and the west
      • Peasants not selling their produce
      • Inflation kicked in
        • Increased the price of food and fuel
      • Food shortages
    • Impact on the Tsar
      • Pressurised into reconvening the DUMA in 1915
      • He took direct control of the army which went badly as he was then to blame
        • Commander-in-chief in 1917
      • There was a growing lack of trust in the Tsar
    • Impact on the government
      • Constant changes in who was minister
      • Government was instable
      • No one liked the way the government was being run
    • Impact on opposition groups
      • Loss in confidence in the Tsar
      • Lenin had no more than 10,000 men
        • They weren't ready to overthow


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