The Nazi Dictatorship - How did they control things - TERROR AND THE POLICE STATE

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  • How did the Nazis control things whilst in power? ... TERROR AND THE POLICE STATES
    • Run by the **/Himmler
    • Kripo - Criminal police
    • ORPO - regular police
    • SIPO - state security
    • Treatment of opponents
      • Put in concentration camp. First camp was opened in March 1933 --> Dachau
        • Aim was to 're-educate'. Prisoners treated badly and forced into hard physical labour.
        • Up to 1936, 6000 people in camps. In 1939 there were 21000.
    • ** --> by 1939 and into the war it became a 'state within a state'.
      • 250000 members during the war had an influence on security, military, economy and defining ideology (particularly the implementation of more extreme points of view)
    • Gestapo - impression given was that they were everywhere watching everyone.
      • Reality was much different. Manpower was limited - there were only 40000 in the whole of Germany.
      • Relied on denunciations


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