How did Soviet expansion in Eastern Europe lead to the CW?

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  • How did Soviet expansion in Eastern Europe lead to the CW?
    • Poland
      • Red army advanced, pushing out Nazis
      • Agreement at Yalta: Temporarycoalition, provisionalgovernment until 'free elections'
      • 1947: becomes a Communist People's Republic after Soviet-run elections, under the Stalinist leadershipBeirut
    • Albania
      • German troops withdrew, Albanian Communist Partisans took over
      • Had Soviet support, maintaining a relatively large army and fortified coastal positions from British naval attack
      • Increased dependence on USSR
      • From 1946, actions were being taken to pursue a 1 Party state
    • Bulgaria
      • 1945: Communist led coalition elected
      • Non-communists got rid off; opposition parties dissolved
      • 1946: Free election rigged, communist party gained majority
    • GDR
      • Berlin Blockade
      • Opposition to Western zone
    • Hungary
      • End of WW2: Russia captured Budapest
      • Increasing communist influence; official removed, opposition groups banned
      • By 1947: Rakosi had complete control over Hungary
      • Control of the police
    • Yugoslavia
      • 1945: Elections shown only the communist-led national front appeared in the ballot
      • 1948: Cut ties with the SU; now an independent communist country
    • Romania
      • Left-wing coalition was elected in '45; communists gradually took over
      • Used force to take over


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