Establishing Communist Rule: 1949-1957

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  • How did Mao and the CCP keep control of China?
    • Land Reform
      • Where land was taken from the landlords and given to the peasants
    • Propaganda
      • Plays would be performed that spread the communist message
      • Posters were displayed all over China with the communist message on
      • Sometimes, loud speakers blared out messages as people worked
    • Policies towards women
      • Marriage Law banned bigamy
      • Women were allowed to do jobs they had never done before
      • Lots of the supported to CCP as a result
    • Education
      • The CCP brought education to millions of people for the first time
      • They used education to indoctrinate many Chinese  school children
      • Teachers had to teach about communist beliefs and children were brought up to worship Mao and the CCP
    • Mao made sure no-one dared oppose him
      • In 1949, thousands of suspected GMD supporters were killed
      • Up to a million landlords were killed in the early 1950s
      • The Red Army kept tight control of the country
      • No political parties other then CCP allowed to exist
    • Maoist beliefs
      • Self reliance
      • Continuing revolution
      • Class struggle
      • Learning from the people
      • Mass mobilisation
    • Terror
      • People were terrified of being labelled a 'counter-revolutionary'
      • People didn't dare speak out against the CCP in case they were arrested
    • Policies
      • All organisations apart from the CCP were banned
      • E.G: churches and religion were banned


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