How did Henry dissolve them?

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  • How did Henry dissolve them?
    • First Act of Dissolution
      • March 1536
      • allowed 67 monasteries to be judged whether they were allowed to stay open or not
      • end of 1537 - close all monastries
    • Voluntary dissolution of large monasteries
      • Each monastery targeted by Cromwell's servants
      • Some had supported the rebels in the Pilgrimage of Grace
      • Second Act of Dissolution
        • no more remained
    • Winners
      • Protestant
        • removed a powerful symbol of Roman Catholicism
      • Henry sold most of the monastic land.
        • gave members of the nobility the opportunity to buy land
      • many estates were also bought by those who ordinarily would have remained landless
    • Losers
      • hard readjustment for many monks and nuns
        • monasteries were there home and the closure was frightening and confusing for those who worshipped them
      • heads of houses = generous pension
        • monks and nuns = one off payment of 20-30 shillings
          • many =homeless
          • nuns could not marry or go to another church
      • tenant farmers saw the cost of rent rise horrendously
      • lots of poor and sick depended on the monasteries to provide for them


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