How did Elizabeth manage faction?

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  • How did Elizabeth manage faction?
    • Patronage
      • A patron like Elizabeth could ensure benefits for clients and in result they would serve Elizabeth interests, causing factions to build up
        • Faction was usually centered around people but could also be a common cause
          • If one faction was favored more, it could lead to rebellion.
      • Elizabeth tried to manage faction by connecting with leading figures
    • Main faction of William Cecil and Robert Dudley
      • Dudley Favored war, increased expenditure and was light hearted
      • Cecil serious and wanted to push for long lasting peace
    • Dudley vs Howard alliance of Norfolk and Sussex 1565-1566.     Threatened to have a deal and Elizabeth stopped the faction by saying she would not marry Dudley but into the Hapsburg's instead.
    • Stall decisions until she had all of the information to make the best plan off action
    • Leicester ready for offense and so worsened faction, but faction in 1560s was not a deadly issue for Elizabeth. Only 2 executed because of treason. Duke of Norfolk after the Ridolfi plot 1572. Earl of Essex in 1601.
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