How did Elizabeth exploit her gender

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  • How did Elizabeth exploit her gender?
    • Members of Elizabeth's privy chamber were women. treated as friends but seen as a source of information. How she found out about Norfolk's plan to marry MQS. Sued by members of privy council to influence Elizabeth.
    • Could be Jealous, Robert Dudley to tower when he secretly married Lettice Knolly's.
    • Accepted flattery. Welcomed Faerie Queen
      • Often represented as a goddess. Gloriana, purity. Judith (slaying Evil)
    • Exaggerated emphasis on her beauty and court life
    • from 1570s, Queen's Accession day included extravagant celebrations and jostling which gave Knights opportunity to the virgin Queen.
    • Created personal bonds to her privy council and courtiers. Leicester her 'eyes' and Hatton her 'lids'.
    • Personality cult built around her made the court dependant on her mood


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