How did crime grow between 1000-1500?

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  • How did crime grow between 1000-1500?
    • Types of crimes.
      • Stealing.
      • Leaving your Lord.
      • Being disruptive- being drunk.
      • Murder.
    • Different punishments.
      • Victims could punish the criminals themselves.
        • Members of the Jury were  from local villages.
      • Fines.
      • Compensation
    • Different forms of Policing and crime prevention
      • Hue and Cry
      • Tithings.
    • Trials
      • Trial by Jury.
        • Local village members judge.
      • Trial by ordeal
        • Leave it up to God if there was no evidence.
          • Through pain.
      • Prisoner only locked up until trial.
      • Stealing- Having their hands chopped off in public.


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