Middle Ages - Anglo Saxons- Law and Order

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  • How did Anglo-Saxons keep Law and Order?
    • Blood Feud
      • If someone kills a member of your family, you have the right to kill them.
      • It was too violent and often went on for generations.
    • Outlaws
      • It meant you were put outside the law and not protected by it, used if you didn't turn up to your trial.
    • Wergilds
      • Is the blood price, it's compensation if you lose a body par, some parts are more valuable than others, e.g. a thumb is more valuable than a finger.
    • Trial By Ordeal
      • 1.Consecrated Bread (For Priests)   2. Hot Iron(For Women)        3. Hot Water (Men)   4. Cold Water (Men)
      • Used if the jury couldn't decide whether the accused was innocent or guilty.
      • Had to fast and pray 3 days before your trial.
      • Most took place in a church if possible, or near a church. As it was overseen by a priest.
      • It was abolished by the church in 1215.
    • Punishments
      • Physical, Capital (not used much) and fines.
    • Trail By Jury
      • Jury had to know the accused and the accuser and you based your decision on what you knew of their character.
        • If the jury couldn't decide, it was decided by Trial By Ordeal.
    • Policing
      • Hue + Cry, Tithings, Constables and the Sherriff and his Posse


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