How democratic is the UK political system?

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  • How democratic is the UK political system?
    • Political participation
      • Standing for public office
      • Active or passive party membership
      • Active pressure group membership
      • Digital activists
      • Voting
    • Political parties
      • There's been a decline in party membership since the 1980s. However:
        • 2015 surge in Labour and UKIP party membership
        • More SNP membership after Scottish referendum 2014
    • Voting
      • Turnout suddenly declined 1997-2001 and has slowly risen a bit since
      • Recent voter turnout in the UK is very similar to other western countries
      • Referendums tend to have lower turnout than elections
    • e-Democracy
      • E-petitions can quickly build an interest in issues
        • However participants may be less informed as it takes less effort
    • Pressure groups
      • Recently pressure groups have taken place of the popularity of party membership
      • Mass activism of a political issue/cause
    • Social media and Internet
      • E-petitions
      • Quick circulation of issues
      • Activism
      • Fake news


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