ICT - How computers connect to the internet

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  • How computers connect to the internet
    • What is the internet:
      • -The internet is a global network of computers.
      • -To use the internet you must subscribe to an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
        • ISPs have servers that are permanently connected to the internet.
    • Methods of connecting to the internet:
      • Dial-up
        • -The computer is connected to a modem which is then connected to a telephone socket.
          • A modem = modulator-demodulator
        • Advantages:
          • It can be used where broadband isn't available
          • Wherever there is a phone line
        • Dis-advantages:
          • Slow transfer speeds
          • Can't use the phone while online
          • To slow to watch video files
      • Broadband
        • -Uses digital signals so no modem. Connection is done by Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
        • Advantages:
          • Download data quickly
          • Phone can be used
          • No dial-up
          • Several computers can be connected
        • Dis-advantages:
          • As local usage increases your speed will decrease
          • The further you are away the slower.
          • Risk of hacking
      • Fibre-optic
        • Advantages:
          • It provides a constant high speed link
          • Can be used for TV
          • Realiable
        • Dis-advantages:
          • Expensive
          • Don't reach everyone's home.
      • Wireless
        • Advantages:
          • No cables
          • Portable
        • Dis-advantages:
          • Limited access
            • Hacking
      • Satellite
        • Advantages:
          • No expensive cables
          • Ideal for locations with no telephone line.
        • Dis-advantages:
          • It requires a line of sight path
          • Signal lag
          • Usage charges high
    • Equipment Connectivity:
      • -Bluetooth is wireless and is on your Personal Area Network (PAN)
    • Geographical Information Systems:
      • -A GIS uses hardware, software and data to manage, analyse and display geographical data.


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