How accurate is it to say that in the years 1928-80 the goverment of the USSR relied soley on terror

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  • How accurate is it to say that in the years 1928-1980, the government of the USSR relied wholly on terror?
    • Relied on terror
      • 'Great Terror' Kirov (19th party congress) 22% of central committee purged and 1108 of 1966 members that attended party shot
      • 1960 Criminal Code - limits the power of the KGB
      • Between 1953-60 2 million political prisoners released for gulags
      • Khrushchev dismissed 1964 - Stalin would have "had him shot"
      • Hungarian uprising 1956 - 15,000 - 30,000 Hungarian insurgents sent to squander
      • Army purge 1937-8 3/5 marshals / 14/16 commanders and 35,000 officers purged
      • Zhukov released during WW2 (terror decreased)
      • Work camps 1965-7 171 imprisoned by 1968-70  528
      • 10k prisoners in Mental hospitals
      • 1970's Novosibirsk (8 years) for dissident art
      • Kulaks -Molotov heads the deportation of Kulaks and there were intimidations used for forced collectives
    • Propaganda/ indoctrinantion
      • 1950 10k T.V sets = show socialist achievements
      • WW2 propaganda
      • Youth groups used as a means of indoctrination - 10 million in 1940 to 40 mill by 1982 = indoctrinate the youth who in tern pass on the communist message
      • prepare for War mentality - WW2 boys learn military training and girls learn nursing
      • WW2 became the 'Great Patriotic War'
      • Alexi Adzhudb editor of Isvenstiya magazine offering Khrushchev photography opportunities
      • Brezchnev awarded himself at leadt a 100 awards (Lenin prize for literature). As he suffered a series of strokes a cult of personality was needed to give the impresson of leadership.
      • 1980's tape recorder and computers made restrictions harder to control
    • Social policies
      • Nikita Paramnova (60 people on the same floor)
        • 1933 law gave elders power with the secret police
      • 1932 internal passports restrict workers movements - ineffective as even by 1939 30% of urban workers changed jobs each quarter of the year
      • 1939- absenteeism a criminal offence that can warrant imprisonment
        • 1977 constitution made full employment guaranteed prompted a rise in absenteeism


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