How accurate is it to say that by 1929, Germany was economically strong and stable

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  • How accurate is it to say that by 1929, Germany was economically strong politically and stable
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      • Weakness and instability politically
        • There were still many would supported anti- Weimar parties. The Communists received 10% of the vote in 1928, for example.
        • Conservative institutions of government
          • The Judiciary, for example had shown that it was biased towards the anti- democratic cause. Hitler's lenient sentence after the Munich Putch is an example of this.
        • Economic weakness
          • Dependence on the USA
            • A major source of potential weakness and instability by 1929 were the huge levels of loans that had flowed to Germany from the USA due to the Dawes Plan of 1924. This money had allowed greater investment industry and made it easier for Germany to pay her reparations payments. However, it created a great and unstable dependance on the USA.
          • A sluggish agriculture sector- Agriculture was in recession from 1927.
          • Unemployment did not fall below 1.3 million
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      • Political stability
        • Political Violence had dramatically reduced
        • The attempted Putches such as the Kapp Putch of 1920, had stopped by 1929.
        • The Wiemar political was now more widely accepted. A sizeable majority of people now supported pro-democracy parties and in the 1928 election, the Nazi party only obtained 2.8 % of the vote.
        • There was increased bi-partisanship and co-operation between the parties. Muller's Grand Coalition of 1928 exemplified this.
      • Stong economically
        • The hyperinflation crisis of 1923 was long over, and inflation had not returned as being a serious problem
        • Unemployment was relatively low for much of the 1920s
        • Exports rose by 40 % between 1925 and 1929
        • Loans form the International community and particularly the US financed the development of infrastructure in Germany; 25,5 billion marks were loaned 1924-30


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