Hovland-Yale Model of Attitude Change

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  • Hovland-Yale Model of Attitude Change
    • The communicator
      • Expertise
        • Janice and Kelley
          • People more persuaded by prestigious journal than by magazine
      • Celebrity
        • Chaiken and Eagle
          • People more persuaded by celebrity
      • Trustworthy
        • People more willing to accept information that is self servicing
          • Opposed self interest- more scrutiny is source isn't trustworthy
    • The communication
      • 2 sided argument
        • American soldiers given radio program stating that the war in Japan would last 2 more years
          • One sided appeared biased/ Two sided more believable
      • Emotional
        • Advert expressing the danger of cigarettes
          • More emotion= more attitude change
    • The recipient
      • Need for cognition
        • High need for cognition more persuaded by strongly worded article than low need for cognition
      • Sex
        • Eagly and Carli
          • Women more influenced by men when topic is more familiar to them + vice versa
      • Self esteem
        • Baumeister and Corington
          • High self esteem- no more easily persuaded but much less likely to admit to attitude change


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