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  • Housing- attempts to satisfy increased housing demand of the population
    • Urban Renewal Schemes
      • government strategies. encourage investment in new housing, services and employment in derelict inner city areas.
    • New Towns
      • brand new towns have been built to house the growing population in towns and cities where there was a shortage of housing
    • Relocation Incentives
      • used to encourage people living in large council houses to move out of urban areas.
        • This frees up housing in urban areas for other people e.g. working families
    • Advantages of Brownfield Sites
      • are not left derelict and or empty
      • water and electricity already provided
      • roads already exist
      • near to shops, places of work in town centers
    • Disadvantages of Brownfield Sites
      • many brownfield sites available are not in the right places
      • going to cost more to remove what was there originally
      • roads may not be in the places where you want
    • Advantages of Greenfield Sites
      • new sites don't need clearing so its cheaper
      • land is cheaper on outskirts
      • more space for gardens
    • Disadvantages of Greenfield Sites
      • not easy to get planning permission
      • not sustainable
      • attractive scenery lost


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