House of Flying Daggers Context

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  • Flying Daggers Context
    • Wuxia Pian
      • "martial heroes", genre of Chinese fic concerning adventures of martial artists in Ancient China
      • contained chivalrous heroes, martial arts, swordplay with fantastical elements
    • Chivalry Characteristic
      • honesty, loyalty, noble, virtue, grace
      • true, courage, gal;ant, respectful
    • 5th Generation
      • 5th gen of graduates from Beijing Film Academy following Mao's "Cultural Revolution"
      • experiments, allegorical, creative freedom, stylised mis-en-scene
      • Communist film making was propaganda rich
    • Zhang Yimou
      • one of 5th Gen, suspected by gov due to family's politics
      • began studying cinematography at Beijing Film Academy at 27
    • Tang Dynasty
      • aged from 618 to 906 AD, golden age of China's culture and art
      • corrupt leaders which made constant changes to rule causing anger
    • Reception
      • liked by Western audiences, nominated for Best Cinematography
      • disliked by Eastern audiences, thought to prioritize cinematic style rather than plot


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