Poetry- Hour

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  • Hour
    • Structure
      • 14 line, sonnet
        • written to communicate her love for him
      • Enjambment
        • Slows down speech, could represent slowing down time so they have longer together
        • Could represent an ongoing or eternal love that not even time can prevent
      • ABAB rhyme scheme
        • regular rhyme scheme, could represent how they are average people with a regular love
        • Also could suggest that they have a perfect love together.
    • Language
      • Assonance
        • 2nd stanza "thousands" "seconds" "ground"
          • The N and D sounds slow the pace, suggests the way that they want to prolong time so they can be together.
      • Metaphor
        • "Gold, gold, gold from straw"
          • suggests how valuable their love is, it can turn something worthless into something precious
            • links back to time, rather than wasting time, they make their time together special and precious
          • Like a fairytale, so a true love, destiny?
      • Natural Imagery
        • Suggests the simplicity in their love and that as long as they are together everything around them is beautiful
          • "Grass Ditch"
          • "Summer Sky"


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