Poetry Across Time - Relationships - Hour

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  • Hour
    • 'spend'
      • Time or money
    • 'Midas'
      • Relates to story of King Midas (means that money isn't everything)
    • 'seconds'
      • Every second is important
    • 'Time slows, for here//we are millionaires'
      • Metaphor about materialism (she is rich with love)
    • 'cuckoo spit'
      • The sap that comes out of grass
      • No jewel can compare to love (would rather be in love that rich)
    • 'chandelier', 'spotlight'
      • Hour filled with light and joy
    • 'Time hates love, wants love poor'
      • Time doesn't allow love to last
    • 'but love spins gold, gold, gold from straw
      • Idea that it is everlasting
      • Love can turn something poor into something wonderful. Even the poorest of people can find love e.g. even in straw
    • Feelings that arise from being with a loved one
    • Time is an obstacle to lovers
    • Sonnet form (inspired by sonnet 116)
    • By Carol Ann Duffy


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