Hot spots

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  • Hot spots
    • Radioactive decay within earth = high temperatures
    • If concentrated then hot spots around the core form = heat lower mantle = localised currents= plumes magma rise.
    • Plumes burn through the lithosphere = volcanic activity. As hot spots stationary movement of plates = formation chain active and extinct volcanoes.
    • Hawaii - December 09 - less dense magma plumes pushes through litosphere picked up my seismometres.
      • Currently hot spot underneath southern end of hawaii, Pacific plate moves NW 5-10cm pa. next one in 200,000 years. To NW extinct sink to ocean.
      • Any bends are result in change of movement of pacific plate. New shield volcanoes are above hotspot = runny lava.
        • As moves away from HS lava becomes more alkaline =spatter cones. Final phase more violent eruptions and pyroclastic flows.


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