Hostile World

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  • Hostile World
    • Earthquakes
      • Destructive Plate Boundary - Convections currents in the mantle cause plates to move together - oceanic gets subjected since its more dense - cases friction, build up of pressure can cause Earthquake or tsunami if underwater.
      • Constructive Plate Boundary - convection currents in the mantle cause the plates to move away from one another, not a smooth process - pressure released as an earthquake.
      • Conservative Plate Boundary - Convection currents in the mantle cause plates to slide past one another at different speeds that can lead to the plates becoming locked together as of  friction - California, San Andreas Fault.
      • Haiti Earthquake 12th January 2010. Christchurch Earthquake February 2011.
      • This is a destructive plate boundary. At this type of plate boundary the plates are moving towards each other due to convection currents in the mantle. The pacific Plate and The Philippine Plate are subjected underneath the Eurasian plate as they are more dense. As the plates move the friction between them cases them to snag and become locked together. This leads to pressure building up and then released. It can be released suddenly as one plate slips, sending out shock waves which causes earthquakes.
    • Volcanoes
      • A volcano is an opening in the ground where magma forces its way to the surface. When reached the surface magma = lava.
      • Composite volcanoes - Destructive plate boundaries. Shield volcanoes - Constructive plate boundaries.
        • Reducing the threat: Land use planning, spray lava with sea water, educate local community, strict building regulations.
      • Mt Pinatubo, June 15th 1991. Mt St Helens, May 18th 1980.
      • Constructive Plate Boundary, At this type of plate boundary the plates are moving apart. This is due to convection currents in the mantle. The plates here are Eurasion and North American Plates. As the plates move away from one another magma rises from the mantle. Shield volcanoes flows and cools slowly. This magma erupts as underwater volcanoes such as those along the mid atlantic ridge. Overtime these grow to be volcanic islands like Iceland.
        • Why people choose to live near volcanoes: Geothermal Power - free hot water, renewable, Power-plant Iceland. Mineral Extraction - Tourist attractions. Agriculture - gives fertile soil, water from glacier for electricity, Hawaii. Tourism - Thermal spring, provides jobs, Yellowstone.
      • Volcanoes can be monitored by - restricting access to the area, evacuating the area, reducing the effects of an eruption.


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