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  • hormones and nerves
    • Menstrual Cycle
      • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
        • secreted from pituary gland
        • causes egg to mature in ovary
        • stimulates ovaries to release oestrogen
      • Oestrogen
        • reted from ovaries
        • Stops FSH being produced = only one egg produced
        • Stimulates LH being release from pituary gland. triggers ovulation
    • Oral Contraceptives
      • reduces chances of egg being produced
      • contains oestrogen of progesterone
        • Inhibits the producttion of FSH= stops eggs maturing
      • benefits
        • Allows couples to decide when they want to start a family
      • Drawbacks
        • had higher amounts of oestrogen in
          • bad side effects- mood, weight and blood pressure
        • now contain only progesterone (some)
    • Fertility Treatments
      • some women dont produce enough FSH
        • Fertility Drugs contain FSH or LH to stimulate eggs mature
      • IVF
        • In vitro fertilisation
        • egg is fertilised outside of body and inserted back into the uterus
        • FSH is used to encourage eggs to mature eggs




This is great but do you have something simmilar to this about plant hormones.


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