Hormones in Controlling Fertility

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  • Hormones and Fertility
    • FSH
      • OEST-ROGEN
        • LH
          • Release the egg
        • Thicken the lining of the womb
        • Inhibits FSH
        • Contraceptive in the past contain lots of oestrogen
          • Side effects where headaches, high blood pressure
          • Used a less dousage with progesterone or progesterone only
            • Less side effects
          • Stop eggs from matureing
      • Mature an egg
    • Stopping Pregnancy
      • Contraceptive
    • Encouraging/ causing Pregnancy
      • IVF
        • Done in glass outside the body
        • Fertility drug  that contains FSH/ LH
          • Release of several eggs
            • Remove matured eggs
              • Place in pitery dish
                • Fertilised egg with sperm
                  • Grow into embryos (small ball of cells)
                    • Places back into womb of mother
                      • One or two embryos
                        • Hopefully ends up with pregnancy


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