Hoover vs Roosevelt

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  • Hoover vs Roosevelt
    • Franklin Roosevelt
      • DEMOCRAT
      • Previous Success
        • He suffered from Polio as a child. If he defeated his own struggles then maybe he could overcome America's.
        • As a Sate Governor of NYC he organised state-run relief schemes.
        • He increased tax and provided $20 million for suffering.
      • Personality
        • Americans trusted in him. He listened to them and restored their faith.
        • He gave great speeches and was confident. He seemed compassionate- unlike Hoover!
      • Policies
        • He believed in ACTIVE GOVERNMENT: helping the 'forgotten man'.
        • He offered a NEW DEAL. He promised a government that would actively intervene in the economy and provide jobs.
      • Election Campaign
        • He used radio broadcasts and whistle-stop tours to spread his message across the USA.
        • Led a modern campaign: kissed babies to gain trust and paid attention to thee 'forgotten ma'.
        • Gained 57% of the vote in 1932. 42/46 states. A landslide victory!
      • First 100 Days
        • Promoted his ideas through 'Fireside hats, radio broadcasts addressing America.
        • Calm and reassuring manner gave people hope.
        • Used media to promote ideas and invited people to write in with theirs.
        • Aimed to provide jobs through ALPHABET AGENCIES...
    • Herbert Hoover
      • Policies
        • LAISSEZ-FAIRE: Not getting involved in business affairs.
        • BOOM AND BUST: The economy would fluctuate and then right itself.
        • RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM: Staying out of people's lives.
        • Self-help policies didn't comfort unemployed. He wnaned to balance budgets and make incomes match outcomes.
      • Government  bought farmers' produce- only encouraged overproduction.
      • $4 billion spent on building Hoover Dam.
      • He had difficulty in understanding the extent of the crisis. Couldn't change his policies or consider direct action.
      • Smoot-Hawley Tariff
        • Signed by Hoover in June 1930.It raised the already high rates and was the highest in 100 years.
        • Other countries put tariffs on American products in retaliation.
      • WW1 Veterans
        • People who fought in WW1 wanted their bonuses early due to the depression.
        • A march was organised to Washington. JUNE 1932:  around 200,000 people camped out.
        • Senate overruled the idea of immediate payment due to the cost.
        • When people refused to leave, Hoover called in troops, used tanks and tear gas to destroy their camps.
          • Allot were injured and 2 babies died.
          • Hoover lost alot of public sympathy.


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