Christian Teachings about Marriage and Homosexuality

A brief mind map exploring the different views and beliefs of Christians about marriage and homosexuality. 

(Notes from Philosophy and Ethics- OCR B)

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  • Homosexuality and Christian Teachings
    • Some Christians believe that the purpose of marriage is to reproduce through sex
    • Some Christians believe that sex is acceptable outside of marriage as long as it is in a committed relationshio
    • Christians think that adultery (having an affair) is sinful.
    • Christian views about homosexuality
      • Some think that homosexuality is sinful.
        • The bible contains passages to support this.
          • The Bible was written a long time ago in a different society
      • The Catholic Church thinks that it is sinful.
      • Other Christians think it is natural
        • So God loves them the way they are.
      • Some believe that they cannot help the feelings, which are normal
        • Some think think that homosexual sex is sinful
        • If someone falls to the temptation of those feelings, they are in sin
        • Some think that it is natural to themselves, and they are living purely, as long as they have an honest relationship and do not commit adultery
    • Some Christians interpret the passages in the bible as saying that  some homosexual relationships are wrong
      • If they involve ****, adultery or if the couple do not love each other.
        • But not homosexuality itself


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