Homosexuality in Regeneration

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  • Homosexuality in Regeneration
    • Context
      • Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885
        • Act of parliament criminalised homosexuality
        • By 1917, homosexuality had been illegal in Britain for 32 years, it was passed 1 year after Sassoon's birth
    • p53-55
      • First reference
      • Sassoon admits his preference
      • Sassoon mentions book 'The Intermediate Sex' to Rivers
        • This book is focused on both male and female homosexuality
        • While admitting he's read the book doesn't necessarily imply homosexuality, his statement the book 'Saved' him, does.
          • Sassoon first 'comes out' to Rivers
      • Attitudes from time relating to homsexuality
        • "I don't know about 'changed'. 'Saved' perhaps" "As bad as that?" "At one point, yes. I'd got myself into quite a state about it."
          • Societal pressure
      • Sassoon mentions meeting Robert Ross
        • Close friend of Oscar Wilde, openly homosexual, says even though Ross is against war 'he's learnt to keep his head below the parapet'
          • Shows Ross knows he is putting himself in more danger if he expresses unpopular opinions, like objections to war.
    • p137
      • Willard accuses Prior of being 'one of those'
      • Rivers dismisses comment with 'I don't really think he is, you know. You mustn't take everything Prior says seriously'
      • Willard persists: "He is. You can always tell"
      • Accusations of homosexuality true or not could lead to social isolation and in some cases prison
        • Contrasts society today.
    • p199
      • One of most significant scenes
      • Graves tells Sassoon about his 'friend' Peter who was caught 'Soliciting outside the local barracks'
        • Example of how homosexuals were treated
      • 'Since that happened my affection have been running in more normal channels'
        • Grave's wording could imply that before this event he had 'affections towards men - as a result turned his attention to women
          • Tells Sassoon 'I'd hate you to think I was homosexual even in thought'
            • Links to Christian ideas of sinning in thought, not just deed
    • P203
      • Peter is being sent to Rivers
        • Sassoon shocked but believes Graves is not gay
          • Real-life Graves admitted to 'innocent crushes' on other men in adolescents
      • Sassoon outraged at suggestion homosexuality can be 'cured' although Rivers points out it is better he with a doctor, rather than prison
        • Debatable - some doctors could be incredibly cruel to homosexual patients
    • p218
      • Owen and Sassoon say goodbye. There is an underlying tension through out this scene especially from Owen’s side.
      • Sassoon actually gives him a letter of introduction to Robert Ross, though Owen is clearly deeply sadden by the seperation and this does little to console him. ‘He was afraid to measure his sense of loss’. 


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