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  • HomoSexuality
    • Is being sexually attracted to the same gender
    • Almost two thirds of the British public opposed same-sex relationships because they were believed to be morally wrong 25 years ago
    • During the 1980s the number of people who objected to Homosexualit-y was on the rise
    • In the early 1980s more than half of the British population did not think it was "acceptable" for a gay or lesbian person to be a teacher
      • More than four out of ten people did not believe they should hold a "responsible position in public life"
    • The latest survey found that 56%of those polled supported gay marriage
      • Several years later after it became a legal possibility, opinion is still evenly split on the question of gay couples adopting children
        • With around 48% for and against and a small number undecided ( for the question of gay couples adopting children)
    • In 1983 nine out of ten people opposed gay couples being allowed to adopt children
    • "When we began the survey back in 1983, it was impossible to imagine a conservative Prime Minister advocating Gay marriage;
      • now public opinion suggests that widespread acceptance of Gay marriage and Gay adoption is very much here to stay


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