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  • Homeostatic Systems Detect a Change and Respond by Negative Feedback
    • 1. Homeostatic systems involve receptors, a communicat- ion system and effectors.
    • 2. Receptors detect when a level is too high or too low, and the information's communicated via the nervous system or the hormonal system to effectors.
    • 3.The effectors respond to counteract the change- bringing the level back to normal.
    • 4. The mechanism that restores the level back to normal is called a negative feedback mechanism.
    • 5. Negative feedback keeps things around the normal level, e.g. body temperature is usually kept within 0.5 C above or below 37 C.
    • 6. Negative feedback only works within certain limits though- if the change is too big then the effectors may not be able to counteract it, e.g. a huge drop in body temperature caused by prolonged exposure to cold weather may be too large to counteract.


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