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  • Homeostasis
    • Osmoregulation
      • Affects the kidney and the brain.
    • Thermoregulation
      • Maintaining a body temperature of 37degrees in the body
        • Controlled by the hypothalamus
          • Recieves info from nerve endings in dermis.
          • Hypothalamus causes you to sweat if the body temp is over 37degrees
            • It also increase the blood flow closer to the face so that there is more heat lose.
              • If the body temp is below 37 degrees the blood flow near the surface of the skin is reduced.
                • This is called Vasoconstriction.
              • This is called vasodilation.
      • This is an example of negative feedback.
        • This is where something will change and mechanisms work to change it back in the other direction
    • Keeping the internal environment stable.
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