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  • Homeostasis
    • Maintenance of a constant internal environment
    • 2 poisonous waste products produced
      • CO2 - produced during respiration
        • Needs to be removed as dissolved CO2 produces acidic solutions affect working of enzymes in cells
        • Leaves body through lungs when breathe out
      • Urea
        • Liver removes excess amino acids and converts to urea
        • Filtered out of blood through kidneys
    • Maintaining body balance
      • Water
        • Lost through breathing, sweating, urine
        • Too much/less water will move in and out of cells through osmosis which could damage/destroy cells
        • Ions lost in sweat and urine, same as water
      • Blood sugar levels
        • Amount of sugar coming into body and energy needed by cells must always balance
    • Body temperature
      • Best 37degreesC
      • Thermoregulatory centre
        • In brain
          • Contains receptors that are sensitive to temp of blood flowing through the brain
            • Recieves impulses from skin - info about skin temp
      • HOT
        • Hairs lie flat
        • Sweat produced by glands - evaporate - cooler
        • Blood vessels supplying skin dilate
          • More blood flows closer to surface of skin. Makes easier for heat to be transferred from blood to environment
      • COLD
        • Hairs stand up - trap insulating layer of air
        • No sweat
        • Blood vessels supplying skin capillaries constrict - close off blood supply
        • Shiver - muscles contract - need respiration - releases energy - warm




A clear mind map on homeostasis with good use of colour to separate the key ideas. It might be  a good idea to add little images to the diagram to make it more memorable.



Great! Thanks for the help!




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