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  • Homeostasis
    • This is important as cells need the right conditions to function properly
    • The conditions in your body need to be kept steady even when the external environment changes.
    • Made up of three main components
      • 1) Receptors
        • 3) Coordination centres
          • 4) Organises a response
    • Your body has lots of automatic control systems.
      • e.g. nervous an hormonal communication
        • e.g. Blood glucose levels, water levels and body temperature
    • Homeostasis is the process of maintaining a stable environment.
      • Negative feedback counteracts change
    • This is an automatic response
    • Effectors will continue to produce responses as long as they are stimulated by the coordination centres
    • A stimulus is a change in environment
  • 2) Detects a stimulus level is too high


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