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  • Homelessness
    • How Would You Feel?
      • Lonely from not having people to talk to.
      • Sad from knowing that people are having fun and can afford whatever they like.
      • Bored because I wouldn't have anything I have and take for granted like my TV, my laptop and my phone. This also links with loneliness because I wouldn't have people to actually do the little things that I would be able to do because I'm homeless.
      • I would feel hungry/thirsty as well because I eat a lot and I drink a lot so going from that to maybe not even a crumb a day wold be quite a big step.
    • Problems That They Have To Face
      • Police/Law-If you are homeless, you might want to break into a nice warm house or a private property where many people aren't living so the police might arrest you even if you didn't realise it was private.
      • Starvation-Not being able to afford food is something that effects homeless peoples lives and they can die from that
        • Thirst-Not being able to afford water is another big thing because if you don't have water then you would struggle to be alive.
      • Illnesses-If you are living in the street then it is probably going to be a mucky place like back-alleys in very populated places and you could get a disease from the state of the place or the cold.
      • The Public-People who walk past might bother homeless people because they could act like they are not human by ignoring them and pretending that they are just garbage or they could do the opposite and start kicking you or abusing you for being different.
    • Why People Might Be Homeless
      • Addiction-If someone gets addicted to something, (alcohol, drugs etc) they might not be able to stop, and then, before they know it, they would have no money.
      • Running Away-If someone feels threatened or frightened by something that has happened in their house they might run away before realising they have no money nor any place to go.
      • Abuse- If someone is getting abused by a family member or someone at school, they might run away to avoid them.
      • Running Out of Money-A lot of people are losing their money very fast because of the prices of normal groceries going up so they might just honestly run out of money.
      • Mortgages-Some people make mortgages that they can't pay back.
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      • Repossession-If you don't have the money to pay back for mortgages, the government might repo
      • No Work-Someone might not be able to work anymore or not even have a job in the first place so they will not got payed.


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