Unit One - Home Entertainment

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  • Home Entertainment
    • Interactive TV
      • Uses - interactive games, voting, interactive shopping, email
      • Advantage - user is active, pictures are better quality, choice of languages
      • Disadvantage - can cause arguments, reliance on a system, expensive
      • Input devices - remote control and keyboard
      • Output Devices - TV screen and speakers
    • Gaming
      • Disadvantage - time consuming, solitary activity, children becoming unfit
      • Input Devices - keyboard, gamepad, joystick and mouse
      • Output Devices - monitor and speakers
    • Digital Photography
      • Advantage - photographs can be downloaded and stored on computers, can be printed
      • Disadvantage - can take up a lot of memory, camera can be expensive
      • Input Devices - digital camera and microphone
      • Output Devices - Speakers and Printer
    • Webcam Services
      • Advantages - monitor security, pictures can be sent directly, remote sites can be monitored
      • Disadvantage - webcam can be hacked, tempted to do foolish things, privacy can be compromised
      • Input Devices - webcam and microphone
      • Output Devices - monitor and speakers
    • Social Networking
      • Advantages - sites are usually free, allow members to talk, long lost friends can keep in touch
      • Disadvantage - people might not be who they say they are, online bullying, employers can check
      • Input Devices - webcam, keyboard and mobile phone
      • Output Devices - monitor and speakers
    • Radio, Video and Music
      • Advantages - songs can be stored in a small space, any kind of music can be found, music can be automatically composed
      • Disadvantage - music can be illegally copied, record companies lose business
      • Input Devices - remote control unit, keyboard and microphone
      • Output Devices - TV screen, speakers and monitor


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