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  • Home Entertainment
    • Interactive TV
      • Offer services like pay to view services and interactive services
      • There are services available like sending in comments, viewing news stories, booking cinema tickets, playing games, shopping and viewing emails
      • The disadvantageis: cost of subscription, bad weather disrupting the  satellite signals, faulty equipment and freezing equipment.
      • The Pay To View Services are subscription based so you can pay a one off fee or a monthly one
        • The digital TV services include: satellite channels, cable TV, digital terrestrial TV
    • Gaming
      • Advantages are: young children can learn from them, they make learning fun, some are played as a team so encourages teamwork, can lead to well paid employments like game designers
      • Disadvantage is: can be addictive, they can lead to obesity, can influence violence, can waste time (school work can suffer), can have health problems, such as RSI or incorrect posture
    • Digital Photography
      • It's popular because there is no film involved, photos can be shared by email, sent with phones, can be passed through social media and images can be edited
      • Advantages are: most people own a digital camera or a phone, can store images on their computers, shared easily through email, phones or social media, they can be edited
      • Using photo editing software you can: copy part of an image, add text, resize, crop, remove red eye, altar the file format, apply filters and mask
      • You can store photos on: SD (secure digital) cards, compact flash cards, memory sticks
      • Output devices used:  LCD screen, computer screen, printer, TV, phone screen, digital photo frame
    • Webcam Services
      • The uses are: distance learning, parents can check on their children at nursery, security purposes, checking worldwide weather, video confrencing
    • Social Networking
      • The services available are: email, bulletins, blogs, commenting, photos, groups, videos, music
      • Disadvantage is: people can get addicted, peadophiles use them to find their next victim, young people can share too much information, danger of identity theft
    • Music and Sound
      • Advantages of downloading music: the ease of which they can be obtained, you can download certain tracks you want and not the whole album, can be loaded onto portable players with ease
      • Disadvantage of downloading music: viruses could be introduced, can download illegally and be cut off from the internet by their service provider, don't have a physical copy that can be sold
      • Online radio advantages: radio quality is good, no aerial to adjust, listen to worldwide radio stations, listen to programmes you missed
      • Online radio disadvantage is: you need a broadband connection, the service isn't completely reliable
    • Mobile Phones
      • Services available: internet, downloading music, pay using your mobile, you can take short video clips, emails
      • Advantages: Can be contacted in an emergency, plans can be changed at the last minute, parents feel their child is safer with a mobile phone
      • Disadvantage is: Irrational addiction, health issues, older users have difficulties using their phones, can cause accidents (not looking where they're going), battery dies quickly
    • Online Betting
      • Advantages are: can do it at home, better deals online, quick and easy collection, don't need to travel so easier and quicker
      • disadvantage is: need a credit card, need an account with a card before you can bet, can become addictive, will gamble more because you can't see the money
    • Online Dating
      • Advantages are: people can be shy, they're busy and don't have time to go out and meet people, you can get to know someone before you meet them
      • Disadvantage is: people may be lying about their identity, the person may be meeting lots of other people online so they can't be trusted
    • Online Voting
      • Advantages are: encourages more people to vote, cheaper because people don't need to count the votes, results are obtained faster, people who are away can vote
      • Disadvantageis: not everyone has access to the internet, would have high initial cost, may be complicated for older users, sneaky extra charges
  • Disadvantage is: people may be lying about their identity, the person may be meeting lots of other people online so they can't be trusted


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