"Home" by Anne Brontë

An anlysis of Anne Brontë's poem, "Home. An anlysis of Anne Bront

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  • "Home" by Anne Brontë
    • This poem questions the meaning of home and the desire for familiarity within nature.
    • Context
      • Written at Thorp Green between 1840-1845
        • Anne began at Thorp Green when she was 20, so it was probably her first position away from the family home.
    • Lanuage
      • Objects of nature are personified to reflect the imagination of childhood, which is what Anne associates with the parsonage.
        • "Weeds usurp the ground" and "woodland ivy plays"
      • Use of alliteration
        • Sibilant sound of 'softly smiling skies' creates a relaxed atmosphere, reflecting the calm and graceful lives of those at Thorp Green, but it also suggests emptiness and loneliness.
      • The use of positive adjectives such as 'lovely' and 'brightly' reflects the expected  happiness of those who live there.
        • This heightens the effect of the Volta because Anne creates a picturesque scene which we expect makes her happy.
      • Capitalising 'HOME" with an exclamation mark symbolises the power of home on Anne's emotions, but also the sheer importance of home in Anne's life.
    • Structure
      • The poem's Volta is 'but' and comes about a third through the poem, signifying the poem's shift in focus.
        • The change is focus is Anne realising that she prefers the 'barren hills' to the 'velvet lawns' because it's her home.
  • "Restore me to that little spot"
  • "Although its halls are fair within-/Oh, give me back my HOME!"


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