Holy Sonnet XIX (O, to vex me)

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  • Holy Sonnet XIX (O, to vex me)
    • O, to vex me, contraries meet in one;
      • despair
      • trochaic pentameter - frustrated
      • starts and finishes on heavy stress
        • catalectic foot
    • Inconstancy unnaturally hath begot/ A constant habit, that when I would not/ I change in vows and in devotion.
      • irony in the constancy of inconstant feeling
      • religious puns
      • apostacy
      • against his own will.
    • As humorous in my contrition/ As my profane love, and as soon forgot;/
      • humours are supposed to be balanced
      • contrition = feeling remorseful and penitent
      • constant changes - like humours
      • profane love = worldly love - sounds like he is quite experienced
    • I durst not view heaven yesterday, and today/ In prayers and flattering speeches I court God;
      • he feels insincere and unworthy? his changing approach to belief and religion.
    • Tomorrow I quake with true fear of His rod.
      • predicting this. completeness shows a feeling of certainty
      • Old testament God.
      • romantic relationship
    • So my devout fits come and go away/ Like a fantastic ague, save that here/ Those are my best days when I shake with fear.
      • continual inconsistancy
      • fantastical sickness
        • Untitled
      • best when he's scared because it shows his belief. very ironic.
    • As riddlingly distempered, cold and hot,/ As praying, as mute, as infinite, as none.
      • dwindles down
      • as x 7 = trapped and cornered self with changing emotions.


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