Holy Sonnet VII

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  • Holy Sonnet VII
    • At the round earth's imagined corners, blow/ Your trumpets, angels, and arise, arise
      • at the end of the world = 4 angels at each corner of the earth
      • moment of apocalypse calling people forth for judgement
      • starts with two unstressed syllables creates a feeling of fear and apprehension
      • lots and lots of plurals throughout
      • sense of movement
    • From death, you numberless infinities/ Of souls, and to your scattered bodies go,
      • sense of confusion and loss
    • All whom the flood did, and fire shall o'erthrow,/ All whom war, dearth, age, agues, tyrannies,/ Despair, law chance, hath slain, and you whose eyes/ Shall behold God and never taste death's woe.
      • moments of judgement - biblical (noah maybe?)
      • unnatural and unpleasant deaths
      • dearth = starvation (lacking of things) agues = fever
      • building up lists...why does he always do this?
      • everybody coming before God
    • But let them sleep, Lord, and me mourn a space,
      • volta = STOP
      • emphasis from caesuras breathing space
    • For if above all these my sins abound,/ 'Tis late to ask abundance of Thy grace
      • I need more time i'm unsure of my security
    • When we are there; here on this lowly ground,/ Teach me how to repent
      • is repentance Catholic? Not really - but its hard to repent without confession...
    • for that's as good/ As if Thou'hadst sealed my pardon with thy blood.
      • christ's redee,omg blood. sealed - papal/ ruler
        • pardon


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