Hindu Festival: Holi

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  • Holi
    • Most popular festival
    • It can be celebrated publicly and privately
    • It is on the day of a full moon in March also known as PHALGUN (last month of the Hindu Year)
    • It lasts for 3-5 days
    • It was once called the fertility festival because it often involved a recreation of the God Shiva's procession
    • The festival is linked to Krishna: it says when Krishna was a baby he killed the demon (Putana)
    • Puja- Worshiping. in front of a fire during a midday meal
    • It is the festival of colour
    • When celebrating Hindus through Coloured water and powder at one another on the streets
    • After all the misunderstanding People rub a dry red powder on each others foreheads and wish them a happy holi
    • When it becomes dark Hindus go outside and have Prashad


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