Holderness Case Study

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  • Holderness Case Study
    • Main rock type is boulder clay formed from glacial activity
      • Storms from the North-East coastline drives loose material southwest.
    • Hornsea - High density urban development. Local economy depends on tourism and small fishing industry
      • 1.86 km of concrete sea walls. groynes and rock armour. Upgrades to the seawall has increased its height
      • Successes:1) Revetment helps absorb the energy from the waves.2) Has reduced erosion along the front of the town
      • Failures:1) Not enough to stop the sea from reaching the base of the cliff.2) Increased rates of erosion are evident further south where defenses stop.
    • Mappleton - Main road is 50m from cliff edge. 2m erosion per year
      • 61,500 tonnes of rock armour to build two groynes and has a sloping revetment
      • Successes:1) Reduces erosion between the two groynes.
      • Failures: 1) Further south rates of erosion has increased significantly.2) Sediment is not being replaced.


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