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  • Holderness
    • East Coast of England
    • North Sea
    • East of York and Hull
    • Causes of erosion
      • glacial bounding clay  - weak/soft easily eroded
      • Strong North easterly winds - powerful destructive waves and LSD to the south
      • Narrow beaches - less protection as don't weaken wave power
    • Effects of erosion
      • 4km of land lost
      • 14 villages lost in 2000years
    • Management of erosion
      • Bridlington - 4.7 km sea wall
      • Hornsea - sea wall, groynes and rock armour
      • Mappleton -rock groynes
        • Increased erosion at Great Cowden - farms destroyed and loss of 100 chalets at The Golden Sands Holiday Park
      • Spurn head - groynes and rock armour


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