Hoflings (1966) Real life situation Study

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  • Hoflings (1966) Real life situation Study
    • Reliability
      • Standardized procedure - same phone call, same drug, same dosage
        • Could do the experiment again and get similar results
    • Generalisability
      • 2 Hospitals in the USA
        • Not big enough to be representative
    • Ecological Validity
      • Feild experiment - Done in a real life situation
        • Nurses in a hospitals
      • No one to consult with
        • Not realistic
      • A doctor they didn't know
        • Not realistic
      • A drug they didn't know
      • Ethics
        • No informed concent
          • They didn't know they were taking part in an experiment
      • Demand Characteristics
        • Deceived
          • Was not told they were taking part in a study
            • Behaved Naturally


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